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About us

We try to help people living with multiple sclerosis (MS) by offering a number of life changing and supportive therapies and treatments that are effective for the patient, such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy and reflexology. 

The treatments and support we provide have a genuine impact on the individual, changing the quality of their daily life as this type of long term care is not available to them on the NHS. The word ‘lifeline’ has often been used to describe the Centre, something we are incredibly proud of.  

We treat 330 patients each week and no one is ever turned away, however minor or severe their disability and, on average, we have 10 new patients referred to us every month. 

We are a local independent charity and are not restricted by any county boundaries. If you are able to travel to us, we are here to support you.

As we continue to provide our services to an ever-growing number of people within the local community with MS, their families and carers, we encapsulated the essence of what we do and our aspirations. Our Mission answers the question ‘Why do we exist?’ and our Vision answers the question ‘What will the future look like as we fulfil our mission? What will be different?’ While mission is about today, vision is about the future, what we will become. 


To provide highly professional and responsive physical, practical, social and emotional care to empower those with multiple sclerosis and to be an embracing community of support to everyone affected by it. 


To be a beacon of excellence and a lifeline to everyone affected locally by multiple sclerosis.

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Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm

Saturday on the following dates in 2019 from 9:30

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