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David Wray's Endorsement

I have visited Chilterns MS Therapy Centre on a number of occasions over the last 8 years in my role as both a Trustee and then Chair of Multiple Sclerosis National Therapy Centres (MSNTC). As one of the biggest centres amongst our membership of 50 I have been very impressed with a number of things

• The range of therapies it offers to its members
• The quality of delivery of these
• The professionalism of all the staff and volunteers I have come across
• The quality of the building and equipment available
• The robustness of the Centre’s financial model
• The quality of the Centre’s Board

Also my personal connection to the Centre goes back nearly 20 years when my wife used the Centre as we lived nearby so I have been able to see the massive progress they have made in this time. As a Centre they are very much one that others can aspire to emulate in the way they are run and support people with MS and other conditions making a massive difference to their lives.

David Wray MBA, FCIS, FCIB
Chair of the MS National Therapy Centres www.msntc.org.uk