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Jane Campion– Gardening Volunteer


I live on the estate and we were invited here when it was built and very impressed with it.  Over the next couple of years I saw the gardens get sadder looking and it really upset me because I love gardens and I think they really help people if there are nice flowers around.  I spoke to Robert and he asked me to do it and that was 4 summers ago!

I like gardening and being outside and getting my hands dirty.  I really enjoy the feedback from people who use the centre.  We chat with people on their way in or out about the garden.  It’s really rewarding that people are appreciating what we are doing and are enjoying the garden.

I think the Centre is a great place to volunteer.  Everyone is very friendly.  It doesn’t feel like a clinical place.  I love the fact that people come in early for their treatment so they can have a sandwich and a chat first.  I like the fact there is a social element as well.

I would certainly recommend volunteering.  It’s a great thing to do and I think volunteers get as much out of it as they give.