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Jo Perkins – Social Group Volunteer


I came here because my oldest friend has MS and I saw the struggles that he had and how much coming her has helped him.  He told me that they are always looking for volunteers, so I came a couple of years ago and that was it – I’ve been here ever since.  I mainly volunteer with the Social Group but I sometimes help with collections too.

Volunteering is a bit of a selfish thing because I go home feeling absolutely fantastic.  It’s not just that you are helping people but you feel uplifted by other people’s enjoyment.  Everyone seems to enjoy themselves and you are doing something to help people.  And it’s so much fun.  Everyone is so nice. I don’t consider it work, it a joy to come to.

The Centre has such a lovely atmosphere.  You walk in and it’s lovely and calming.  People are always happy and smiling – I never see anyone who is miserable or grumpy.  I know they do fantastic therapies here.

I would recommend volunteering full stop, but definitely at the Chilterns MS Centre.