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How And When To Contact Us

How and when to contact the team

During social distancing, if your symptoms change, or you have had a relapse or injury, please do not hesitate to contact us for additional help or advice.  You can also contact us if you are feeling more stressed or unable to cope with the situation, or if you simply need advice about your diet or exercise.

Here are some of the reasons and ways to contact us.


  • If you have a fall
  • If you injure yourself e.g. hurt your back gardening
  • If you have a relapse
  • If you start to experience increased pain or muscle spasms
  • If you start to have difficulty doing activities that you previously could manage e.g. getting out of your chair
  • If you do not understand your home exercise programme
  • If your voice is becoming weaker and you find it harder to cough

Nikky Meeson nicolameeson@chilternsmscentre.org / 01296 696133 leave message
Chris Beach ChrisBeach@chilternsmscentre.org / 01296 696133 leave message
Andrew Wychandanczuk andrewwychandanczuk@chilternsmscentre.org Tel: 07907018271
Judith Allnutt judithallnutt@chilternsmscentre.org Tel: 01296 696133 leave message


  • If you are struggling with daily activities that are of importance to you e.g. personal care, food preparation, participating in hobbies
  • If you are finding it difficult to manage your fatigue
  • If you are finding it difficult to sleep and rest
  • If you are feeling anxious and/or finding it difficult to see the positive in life

Amy Smissen amysmissen@chilternsmscentre.org Tel 01296 696133 leave message


  • If you would like to join in with the exercise classes
  • If you would like some advice on general activities to stay fit and active

Lou Grace louisegrace@chilternsmscentre.org Tel 07907 019751


  • If you would like to participate in social activities via Facebook, virtual group sessions via Zoom or receive activity packs in the post.

Senzeni senzenin@chilternsmscentre.org Tel 01296 696133


  • If you would like to have a regular social telephone chat with another member or volunteer
  • If you find it difficult to read the weekly update or do not receive emails or have access to the internet and would like someone to call and talk it through with you
  • If you would like to gain support and friendship from other carers

Jo Kendall jokendall@chilternsmscentre.org Tel 01296 696133


  • If you need advice on healthy eating
  • If you are struggling to know what to eat during lockdown
  • If you are gaining or losing weight which you do not feel in control of

Claire Fenlon clairefenlon@chilternsmscentre.org Tel 01296 696133 leave message


  • If you are a family member or friend of someone with MS and would like to chat through a problem

Mary Miles marymiles@chilternmscentre.org Tel: 01296 696133 leave message


  • If you would like to join our zoom classes or our Facebook groups but are having difficulty using the Apps and software

Jo Kendall jokendall@chilternsmscentre.org Tel 01296 696133 leave message


  • If you need a repeat prescription
    If you require advice on self-management and are an existing client

Jo Kendall jokendall@chilternsmscentre.org Tel: 01296 696133 leave message


  • Home visits to any of Helen’s existing clients who feel they have a need for attention, using required PPE and subject to initial telephone assessment.

Helen McGregor Tel: 07801964709


  • Enquiries about donations, your own fundraising events and any fundraising ideas you may have.

Email: Fundraising@chilternsmscentre.org or call 01296 823040 and leave a message.

The Centre is open for a small number of pre-booked face-to-face appointments only. All of our remote services are running as normal.For further information click here
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