The Importance of Exercise During Lockdown

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The Importance of Exercise During Lockdown

Importance of exercise during the lockdown period.

Now more than ever, it’s important for you to keep moving; not only to maintain your physical health, but also your mental health. You always hear us Physios going on about staying active, doing home exercise etc; but there is strong evidence to back us up.

For every day of inactivity/immobility (for whatever cause), there is a 1-3% loss of strength, after 3-5 weeks, that can equate to a 50% reduction in overall strength. The main muscle groups affected by deconditioning are the postural and leg muscles – these are our anti-gravity muscles, i.e. the ones that keep us upright. Sadly, this can be the difference between maintaining the ability to walk or becoming a full-time wheelchair-user.

There are many other complications of inactivity/immobility, from increased risk of chest infections, muscle and joint stiffness, increased fatigue and poor sleep to name a few. During this pandemic, whilst it’s not possible to enjoy the outdoors or attend the Centre for your class or physio session, you can continue to participate in exercise. We are running 4 exercise classes a week online, we have multiple video links on the website and social media with suggested exercises/routines, and 1-1 video conferencing with physiotherapists to assist with more specific problems.

When this is all over, we want to see you all back in the Centre, having maintained your physical ability. Please contact us if you would like further information about anything mentioned above, on info@chilternsmscemtre.org

Stay safe and stay active.

The Exercise Team

The Centre is open for a small number of pre-booked face-to-face appointments only. All of our remote services are running as normal.For further information click here
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