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Simple Things Mean So Much More When You Have MS

This week is MS Awareness Week.  But what is it like to live with multiple sclerosis?

Imagine a world where even the simplest everyday tasks were difficult. Where they take twice as long as they should. Where putting on your coat means you need to lean against something. Or getting up after playing with children needs careful planning. Or walking upstairs leaves you out of breath.  That’s what it can be like with multiple sclerosis.
Our experienced team ensures that people with MS live the best life they can with the condition. We help them to achieve their goals, no matter how small or simple they may think they are. All our treatments and therapies are FREE to our members with MS.

Let Our Members Tell You

This MS Awareness Week, four of our members have shared their stories. They show how MS affects their daily life. But, with help from us, they are continuing to do the things they love despite having the condition. Their MS does not define them or hold them back.

You Can Make A Difference

We have been here for people with multiple sclerosis for over 35 years and want to be here for many more.  We would love to be able to offer our support to even more people. You could help us to do this by making a regular donation.

  • £2 a month could go towards oxygen sessions that Jane and so many others rely on to continue working. 
  • £10 a month could fund our fatigue management course, enabling others like Amanda to understand and manage their fatigue to be able to do the activities they love.

Whatever you can give, your donation will make a huge difference to the lives of people with MS.


If you are a company that would like to support the Centre, you can become a Corporate Friend and receive invitations to our networking events and opportunities for volunteering too.