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M&S Bank supports the Centre

Did you know that there are lots of ways that you can fundraise for the Centre?  A great way is to get your employers and colleagues involved, as many employers want to support causes that are close to their employees’ hearts.  One of our members did just that.

Susan Perry works at M&S Bank and wanted to do something fun to raise money to help towards the Centre’s annual running costs of £1.2m.  She spoke to her colleagues and employers and they agreed to help.

Most companies these days do what they can to raise money for charity and are more than happy to fund match. When my area manager approached me about raising money for the Centre I was really happy that I would be able to do this to help, we would be at the mercy of the NHS if it were not for the facilities and wonderful staff here! I was truly touched by the enthusiasm of all my colleagues and to be honest I didn’t need to do much apart from providing the promotional materials and holding the collection bucket!

Susan Perry

Together they organised a static bike ride and cake sale at both their Milton Keynes and London Colney M&S stores.  Her colleagues got involved and together they raised over £500 for the Centre.  This was then matched by M&S Bank, bringing the grand total to £1086.82!

It’s a great example of getting your workplace to support the Centre through fundraising events and how match-funding can boost the total raised.

Thank you to Susan and everyone involved at M&S and M&S Bank.

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3 members of M&S bank staff doing a static bike ride

Following expert advice we have decided to suspend all face-to-face appointments and activities and the Centre is currently closed to members and volunteers. We are looking at alternative ways to support people with MS. For further information click here
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