Adaptive Activities with the Chilterns MS Centre

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Adaptive Activities with the Chilterns MS Centre

Don’t be held back by MS

MS does not have to stop you doing the things you love – or from trying new things!

Over the past year, we have run several adaptive sessions to help our members to try something different and to show them that you can still do sports with MS, you just might need to do them a little differently.  Our sessions have taken place as specialist centres and have included skiing, tennis and outdoor adventure days.

Being able to do something which you thought was no longer possible is so empowering and gives you an immense sense of self-confidence.

As well as regular weekly exercise classes at our Centre, Sarah* enjoyed taking part in the tennis and skiing sessions.  She said:

“I loved skiing and thought it wouldn’t be possible for me anymore but I was able to turn on the slope in one lesson with the adaptive instructor and that made me feel I could still do it. I met someone else there, who has carried on skiing all the way through her MS using various adaptations, and that was really inspirational. The wheelchair tennis was good fun too and it opens up options I didn’t know existed to carry on with sport. Doing both was brilliant!”

If you would like to know more about the sessions we run please contact Steph or Louise.

*Name has been changed