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New Air Purifiers Keep The Centre Open In Winter

At the Centre, we take the safety of our members, volunteers and staff seriously, especially in light of Covid-19.

a large air purifier in the gym

As well as ensuring a rigorous cleaning regime, we have also taken delivery of several state-of-the-art air purifiers.  These are located in the main areas and will ensure that the air in the Centre is free from bugs, allergens and viruses.  It also means that in winter we can continue to treat people without the need for exposing them to very cold temperatures as the windows can remain closed.

The purifiers work by drawing air into them, filtering it and running it past a UV light, killing off bugs and viruses.  This sanitises the air making it safer to breathe in.  Whilst they don’t look pretty we feel much better knowing that they are working hard to keep the air around us as clean as possible.

We have been able to install these thanks to generous grants from several benefactors, including the Shanly Foundation, who support local causes good causes helping to improve the welfare and quality of life of those that are disadvantaged within the community.  Thank you to everyone who has contributed to keeping the Centre as covid-safe as possible.  Without these, we would have had to stop many of our therapy sessions over the cold winter months.

Andrew and Julie with a member next to an air purifier unit in the gym

The Centre is open for a small number of pre-booked face-to-face appointments only. All of our remote services are running as normal.For further information click here
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