New rehabilitation course for Covid-19 symptoms

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New rehabilitation course for Covid-19 symptoms

Have you had Covid-19 and are still living with its long-term symptoms?

Is post-Covid weakness, breathlessness and lethargy having an impact on your daily life?  Would you like to help yourself and others by taking part in a preliminary Covid rehabilitation course to improve your recovery? If so, please get in touch with our sister company, Oakwood Wellbeing, for an initial consultation.

CORAL  – COvid Rehabilitation for Active Living

Our CORAL course has been developed by experienced therapists at Oakwood Wellbeing for people who are experiencing the longer-term symptoms associated with the virus; fatigue, lethargy, activity-related breathlessness, general weakness and anxiety.   Prior to the public launch, we are inviting a small number of people who are experiencing long-term symptoms of Covid-19 to assist in a preliminary programme.

The aim of the course is to support people who are suffering from the long-term effects of Covid-19 to help manage their symptoms and improve their wellbeing and quality of life.

The course will be made up of 9 sessions:

  • a 90-minute pre-assessment with an experienced clinician at the Chilterns MS Centre in Wendover, Buckinghamshire. CORAL has been designed with you in mind, so we will listen to your needs and tailor the programme to suit you and your goals
  • seven 90-minute weekly online structured group sessions including progressive exercise techniques, fatigue management, sleep, breathing techniques and more
  • a post-course review by your clinician at the Centre to enable constructive feedback for our future courses and to support your planning for further recovery strategies.

Oakwood Wellbeing will be rolling out the preliminary programme in early 2021, offering it at a significantly reduced price of £250*.

Oakwood Wellbeing is the sister company to the Chilterns MS Centre.  Oakwood Wellbeing harnesses the vast knowledge, experience and superb facilities of the charity to treat non-MS patients. With all profits passed directly to the charity to support its vital work, your involvement will also be helping to support people living with a life-long disabling condition.

Many of the lingering symptoms experienced by those recovering from Covid-19 mimic similar symptoms of MS.  So our clinical team, in collaboration with experts in cardiac rehab, fatigue and self-management, have utilised their years of experience to set up CORAL.

If you would like to join this preliminary programme, please email info@oakwood.org.uk by Friday 8th January.

*Full price for the course will be around £500