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Rebranding the Centre

At the start of this year we launched a pilot programme to open up the Chilterns MS Centre to people with neurological conditions other than MS. We have been really excited by how it is going and it has been wonderful to see and hear the impact we have had on so many more lives.

With this success, it is clear that our future lies in being a multi-condition centre. As a result, our brand will need to change as we develop an identity that encompasses all that we do and everyone we support. We want all users of the Centre to feel a part of it as we strive to be a truly inclusive organisation.

Late last year we conducted a survey of our members to help decide on what our future name would be but, on reflection, this is not the best way of making such an important decision. Our brand, is so much more than just our name, it has to encompass our values, our ethos and reflect all our members. It is also vital for us to include the feedback from our newest Parkinson’s members and potential Stroke members too.

Our intention now is to hold a series of focus groups in October involving representatives from the many different groups that have an interest in the Centre. These focus groups will answer questions on who we are as a charity and what it is that makes us stand out. With the information we uncover from this, we then plan to involve a branding agency to use their expertise to work with us on a brand development. Getting the brand right now is vital for the future of our charity- it tells our beneficiaries, our donors and our future supporters what we do and encourages them to be a part of it.

We would love to hear your views at one of the focus groups, as we are trying to capture as many varied views and ideas as possible. If you could spare the time and would like to be part of a focus group then please let us know by completing the linked form. The groups will be held on Monday 17 October (10am-12pm), Wednesday 19 October (2-4pm) and Thursday 20 October (6-8pm) and you would only need to attend one group. We are tremendously grateful for all the help and support in helping build a successful future for the charity.