OT Tips – Dycem Jar and Bottle Openers

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OT Tips – Dycem Jar and Bottle Openers

OT Tips – Dycem Jar and Bottle Opener

Do you find it difficult to open jars and bottles?

Something as simple as a Dycem jar or bottle opener could help you independently open jars and bottles.

The Dycem range of openers helps to make those simple but essential activities of daily living easier by increasing grip without the need for full strength or mobility of hand and wrist joints.

There is a huge range of openers available from disability stores. Because these ones use Dycem,  the non-slip properties provide a good strong grip to make opening easier and to help make a good seal when closing. You can even open them with one hand.   The bell-shaped design means it’s suitable for most jar/ bottles.

The bottle opener allows you to unscrew tough bottle tops. It even works with those pesky ‘push down and twist’ bottles! No need to use anything but the palm of your hand to open even the stiffest cap.

How to use a Dycem jar and bottle opener

Simply place the opener over the bottle or jar lid to gain a firmer grip, allowing easier opening of the object.

Where to get Dycem Jar or Bottle Openers

Most online disability stores sell the Dycem jar and bottle openers, or a variation of them. The jar opener costs started from £3.85 at Amazon.  The bottle opener costs £5.03.

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