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OT Tips – Bra Angel

OT Tips – Buckingham Bra Angel

Do you find it difficult to put your bra on independently?

Putting on a bra can be very difficult if you don’t have full use of one hand/arm.  The Buckingham Bra Angel Dressing Aid is very cleverly designed and may help you to continue to be independent in dressing yourself.

How to use a Bra Angel

It is placed over the user’s neck and holds one end of the strap ready and in place so that the user can bring the other end round to fasten it very easily and with no fuss. In a similar way, the wearer is also able to remove the bra using the dressing aid to hold one strap in place whilst it is being unhooked.

If you think this might be something that will help you, then look up Bra Angel on YouTube to see if it is something that would work for you

You can watch this Facebook video, where an Occupational Therapist demonstrates its use

Where to get a Bra Angel

Most of the bigger online disability stores sell bra angels. They cost around £14-£17. Amazon also sells them.

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