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OT Tips – Button Hook

OT Tips – Button Hooks

Do you find buttons fiddly to do?

A simple thing such as a button hook can help you to stay independent when dressing and undressing. Doing up buttons requires good finger dexterity, fine motor control and sensation. Normally we would encourage that you try to do this yourself to help maintain hand control.  But if you really struggle, then a button hook could be the thing for you.

How to use button hooks

A button hook makes it easy to grasp buttons of varying sizes and either to pull them into place or to undo them. To do up a button, the looped end is passed through the buttonhole and then over the button, which can then be pulled through simply by pulling on the handle. They usually come with a built-up handle to help you to grip. If you find zips difficult to pull up, look for a combined button hook and zip pull.

Where to get button hooks

All online disability stores sell button hooks, or Amazon has a wide range. Prices range from £4.00 – £10.00

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