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OT Tips – One Pull Can Opener

OT Tips – One Pull Can Opener

Do you find it difficult to open ring pull cans?

Something as simple as a One Pull Can Opener could help you independently open cans.

The plastic One Pull Can Opener is a really useful kitchen gadget that opens all ring pull style cans easily, effortlessly and safely.

There is a huge range of can openers available from disability stores, which aim to make the task of opening cans easier.  This one focuses specifically on the ring pull type cans which we are seeing more and more of.

How to use One pull can opener

To use this can opener, place the short end of the One Pull with the notch under the ring pull on the can and gently lever it up until the can is pierced. Turn the One Pull around so you are using the opening end, and place it under the ring pull so it is held securely. Press down and the lid will lift away easily without you needing to touch it. The shape of the One Pull Can Opener provides leverage, greatly reducing the effort required to perform this operation.

Where to get One pull can openers

All online disability stores sell one pull can openers, and they are relatively inexpensive, starting at just £2.30. Amazon also has a range.

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