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Hydrotherapy pool

Hydrotherapy (aquatic physiotherapy) provides a warm, relaxed atmosphere for treating chronic and acute conditions.

Exercising in heated water provides unique support and resistance allowing physiotherapists to target specific areas of the body effectively.

Water is helpful because your bodyweight is supported by the water – water helps to stabilise someone with balance problems. Weakened muscles can operate in this environment and will strengthen from the resistance.

As swimming involves many muscles in your body, it can help to increase co-ordination. The buoyancy of the water enables movement to be either assisted or resisted and allows for more fluid movements.

Benefits for people with MS:

  • Improved mobility
  • Improved posture and walking
  • More normal movement patterns making daily tasks easier
  • Immersion in water immediately reduces spasticity allowing people with MS to become aware of normal body movements resulting in improved balance and eye co-ordination
  • Improved elasticity in muscles giving more control over movements
  • Better general health.

We are able to offer Hydrotherapy to people with sports injuries, general injuries and other medical conditions through the Chilterns Sports Clinic.