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Mindfulness at the Chilterns MS Centre

There is increasing evidence that Mindfulness is an effective way to reduce anxiety, depression, pain, stress and fatigue giving an improvement in people’s quality of life.  Mindfulness is being used increasingly by people with Multiple Sclerosis to provide relief for a wide range of symptoms and is offered by several MS centres with GPs referring patients for a mindfulness course quite widely. 

The Mindfulness programme is open to Centre members, their families and carers, members of staff and volunteers.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness has been described as “the open non-judgemental, compassionate awareness of your thoughts and feelings on a moment by moment basis.”  It is a form of meditation which helps people to be aware of life happening around them and, by “living in the moment”, achieve a range of benefits in their health and wellbeing.  Once mastered, it is very easy to use mindfulness every day in just a few minutes. 

The Mindfulness Programme at the Chilterns MS Centre

If you would like to try Mindfulness, please contact Karen Shaw on 01296 696133.