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New patient or newly diagnosed?

Each road that leads to a diagnosis is different and no two MS journeys are the same. We are here for everyone with MS.

We can help you on several levels; practically, emotionally and socially. You can get referred to us by your MS nurse, your neurologist or your GP. We can then arrange for you to under go a comprehensive assessment by a specialist neuro-physiotherapist, from which an individual treatment plan is developed. This could be attending a physio class working on strength and core muscles, using our well equipped gym, one to one physio or hydrotherapy in our fantastic pool. For some newly diagnosed patients it might be that no treatment is needed but it’s good to know what is available. Whatever your treatment or otherwise, you will be invited back every year for a review assessment.

You will have so many questions and we can help with information and advice. If you want to share your experiences or hear how others cope with their MS, the Centre provides the opportunity to meet people in similar situations in our friendly setting. We also have a social group and a group of our younger members also meet regularly.

Join us and discover you are not alone, make new friends and share in the support that meeting people with similar experiences can offer.

Let our knowledge be your strength. 

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