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Occupational Therapy

Amy is our Occupational Therapist. She joined the team at Chilterns MS Centre in December 2012.

Amy says...

Occupational Therapy (OT) is an important and integral part of the treatment process for people with Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

The overall aim of OT is to enable and empower people to maximise their potential to lead an active and fulfilling lifestyle. We work closely with people living with MS and, if appropriate their family and carers, to develop a clear understanding of their individual difficulties and priorities for treatment. 

The three main areas that I would discuss with people at assessment would be:

Self-care activities – for example, washing/dressing, eating, using the toilet, functional mobility (e.g.transferring from bed to chair) and driving.

Domestic/work activities – for example, laundry, food preparation, money management, employment, caring for others, using a computer and DIY.

Leisure activities – for example, sedentary hobbies so reading and sewing, active/outdoor hobbies such as walking and golf and social activities.

A person’s ability to perform a chosen activity would be discussed with consideration of any changes in their physical functioning, any changes in their thinking skills and their emotional/psychological well-being.

At the start of any treatment programme, we would agree on ‘Rehabilitation Goals’.  Treatment sessions would then be geared to help the person with MS to achieve their goals using a range of treatment approaches.  These may include equipment advice, information about local resources/services, education on adaptive strategies and practical sessions.

At the start of any treatment programme, we would agree on the ‘Rehabilitation Goals’ and work towards achieving these goals using, for example, a combination of education/information, advice/support and hands-on practical sessions to teach new and adaptive methods of coping. 

If you think I might be able to help you with a specific issue, or would just like to discuss my role further, please give me a call or speak to your physiotherapist at the centre who can pass on a message to me. I work at the centre every Wednesday and Thursday.

About Amy…

I qualified as an Occupational Therapist in 1999 at Oxford Brookes University. Prior to working at the Chilterns MS Centre I worked for the NHS, the past nine years of which were in a Community Neurological Rehabilitation Team. It was during this time that I developed a keen interest in MS.

Outside of work, I live with my husband and two young sons. We enjoy spending time outdoors and have recently taken on an allotment.