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Social Group

Does all your energy get used up on the daily “essentials”?

Are you feeling that there’s never time for the enjoyable things in life?


Redress the balance by coming along to our exciting

Social Group

The aim of setting up a Social Group is to provide a service that gives members an opportunity to enjoy the benefits of participating in fun activities.  Often when dealing with a long-term condition like MS, an imbalance develops where day-to-day life becomes dominated by performing the essentials  leaving  little time, energy and resources for enjoying the fun things in life.  We want to help you to redress this balance.  

The group complements the other therapy services offered here at the Centre. 

It is an informal, welcoming group and those that attend can make choices as to how they spend their time. Whether that be enjoying a drink and chat with their peers or joining in with a wide range of activities on offer. Some group favourites are Tri-ominoes, Scrabble, Puzzles and Quizzes. As a group we have laughed our way through several themed sessions and these have always proved popular with their ‘tongue in cheek’ fun and games.

Why is a group like this so beneficial? 

Engaging in social / leisure activities within a group setting can have many and diverse benefits to the health and wellbeing of those participating.  These include: 

  • Lifting mood;
  • Reducing stress;
  • Providing a sense of purpose and a feeling of achievement;
  • Improving confidence / recognising skills and capabilities;
  • Providing opportunities to form new friendships and widening support networks;
  • Improving / maintaining thinking skills (e.g. concentration / memory);
  • Provide a sense of structure / routine;
  • Improve physical stamina;
  • Providing opportunities to learn a new skill;
  • Reducing lethargy / increasing energy levels.  


The group can be utilised in two ways: 

  • 1. Members of the centre could attend along with a family member / carer to share some leisure time together or 
  • 2. Members of the centre could attend alone thus giving their family / carers some respite time if that is preferred.  

When / Where? 

The group is held fortnightly on Wednesday and  Thursday morning between 10 and 12noon in the large Sherling Room at the Centre.  

Due to the popularity of the group please check with a member of the team that there is space before you attend.  This is due to our limited capacity and for your own health and safety.

 Social Group dates for 2018


December 5, 19

December 13