Thriving Communities Fund Supports the Centre Again

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Thriving Communities Fund Supports the Centre Again

Physiotherapy at the Chilterns MS Centre has been backed for a second year by the Thriving Communities Fund, a Vale of Aylesbury Housing Trust grant scheme for community projects.  The Trust has granted £10,000 towards the ongoing costs of providing this vital service to people affected by multiple sclerosis (MS).

Regular physiotherapy and support can help people with MS to maintain mobility and cope with their symptoms better, helping them to remain independent for longer and live a positive life.  One person benefitting from the treatment is Danny, who has been coming to us for physiotherapy since 2004. He now uses a wheelchair but regular treatment has enabled him to continue enjoying family life with his two children and it still helps to relieve many of his symptoms and to keep him independent. Danny said:

I can move more easily after a session here – I can be really stiff getting into the car to come here but it feels much better going home.  I had a pain in my shoulder a while back and Andrew released that for me and all the standing and stretching we do helps to strengthen and straighten my back.  We did some pool work for 6 to 8 weeks and that was great! Being weightless helps the shakes, slows it down a lot, so I’ve got more control over what I’m doing. That helps with simple things like picking up the remote for the telly or getting my key in the front door. And I sleep much better after I’ve had physio. It’s all great, what they can do for me here.”

The Thriving Communities Fund Panel was unanimous in its decision to award this grant in order to support the Chilterns MS Centre to continue its vital work.   They commented:

We recognise the difference the Centre makes to people’s lives and we’re immensely proud to be able to support them. Allowing individuals to live independently is something we’re passionate about.

The Trust also awards Springboard Grants of up to £300 to support Trust residents with opportunities for wellbeing, education, training and employment.  Tenants and leaseholders with MS can apply to help them fund equipment or services that will help them adapt to life with the condition.

If you would like more information about grants available from Vale of Aylesbury Housing, please call the Grants Officer, on 01296 732600 or visit

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Following expert advice we have decided to suspend all face-to-face appointments and activities and the Centre is currently closed to members and volunteers. We are looking at alternative ways to support people with MS. For further information click here
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