We offer a range of physical treatments, practical advice and emotional support to everyone affected by multiple sclerosis (MS).  Members have access to all of these and a personalised plan will be put together to meet the needs of you and your family.  This plan can be adapted to suit your changing needs as time goes on.  We work in partnership with other local care providers to ensure that you have a range of treatments and support that complement the other services.

Even if you feel well, or are not experiencing a relapse, we have a range of activities that can help you improve or maintain your overall wellbeing, such as Yoga or specifically-designed exercise classes.

Please note during this pandemic many of our services are now online or are limited to a very small number of appointments.  All social gatherings at the Centre have been suspended until further notice too.

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During this second lockdown we are open for face-to-face physiotherapy, oxygen, foot health and acupuncture appointments. The Centre still remains closed to people without an appointment. Many of our services are now virtual services.For further information click here
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