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What are Exercise Classes?

Exercise is good for everyone and we encourage anyone with MS to increase the amount of exercise they do, even if it’s just by a small amount each week.  Even a few minutes of activity each day can have a very positive impact on your symptoms.

Our classes are a great introduction to the Centre for those who may not want or need to have one-to-one treatment or additional support at this time.  Our exercise therapists understand MS and the classes are tailored to suit different abilities and symptoms, something that standard exercise classes may not consider.

We have a wide mix of 22 classes per week to suit all different ability levels.  No matter how much or how little movement you have, there will be a class that you can benefit from.

Our classes are grouped as follows:

  • Classes for those who can stand for at least 45 minutes (with or without an aid)
  • Classes for those who can stand but for less than 45 minutes at a time.
  • Full seated classes
  • Games-based classes like Boccia for all abilities
  • Open Gym sessions for those who can independently follow an exercise programme
  • Open Hydrotherapy classes for those who can independently follow an exercise programme and have had hydrotherapy at the Centre before.

Download our Exercise Class Timetable


According to NICE (National Institute for Health & Care Excellence), remaining physically active can improve mobility and fatigue. It can also help to reduce the secondary complications of inactivity, such as pressure sores, and help people with MS to regain or maintain their strength.

  • Promotes an active lifestyle
  • Improves quality of life
  • Improves and maintains mobility
  • Improves general health and well-being
  • Assists in restoring range of motion
  • Restores/improves muscular strength, power and endurance
  • Improves skeletal muscle function and overall body function
  • Reduces fatigue
  • Improves Cardiovascular function
  • Plus it can be social & fun!


Only members can access our classes but you don’t need to have an initial assessment before you can attend the classes.  If you are not a member please speak to one of our exercise therapists for an initial chat about which classes are suitable for you.  You will need to become a member by paying your membership fee before you start the class.

All of our exercise classes are colour coded and as a member you will have a colour associated with you depending on your needs and ability.  You will receive a card to remind you what colour you are.  You will be able to book onto your corresponding class, or onto the one a level below yours if you need to take things a bit easier for a while.

To come to one of our exercise classes you will need to book onto the class at reception, either in person or by phone.  Bookings will open 7 days before each class.  Block bookings are not available but at the end of each class you will be asked if you want to book for the following class.  Bookings are subject to availability but we will run a waiting list in the event that a class is fully booked.

To have a chat about which classes are suitable for you, speak to your physiotherapist or email our exercise team.


Following expert advice we have decided to suspend all face-to-face appointments and activities and the Centre is currently closed to members and volunteers. We are looking at alternative ways to support people with MS. For further information click here
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