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Exercises you can do at home

We have created and curated a series of videos and worksheets of exercises that are suitable for people with MS, Parkinson’s and stroke survivors to do at home. In fact anyone can try them so why not get your family involved too.

Therabands / Resistance Bands

Therabands are a great way to increase your strength by increasing resistance during small movements.  Great for both upper and lower body strength they come in different strengths. Yellow = very light, Red = light and Green = medium.  If you don’t have any an old pair of tights will do!

Core Strength

A stronger core leads to better balance, posture and stability.  It can also help to reduce back strain.  A stronger pelvic floor can reduce some bladder problems too.  Try some of these simple exercises to improve your centre strength and pelvic floor.

Brain Health and Memory

Research has shown that regular exercise can help to keep your brain healthy and improve your memory.  They can also help to improve mood and relieve tension or anxiety.

Balance, Posture and Stability

Simple exercises that can make a big difference to your balance, stability and posture.


Exercise that raises your heart rate is important in keeping fit, burning calories and is good for your mental health too.

Stretching and Relaxation

It is important to try to maintain a healthy mind during these difficult few weeks.  Relaxation can help with this.

Strength Exercises

A series of exercises designed to strengthen different areas.  These can be easily adapted to suit your ability.

Tai Chi

Anitha has been sourcing some Tai Chi videos direct from her Tai Chi instructor.  Tai Chi combines deep breathing and relaxation with slow flowing movements.  It is said to reduce stress, improve posture, balance and general mobility, and increase muscle strength in the legs.

MS Trust Exercise Videos with Mr Motivator

Part of the “Staying Active with MS” campaign brought to you by the MS Trust, this selection of seated exercises are suitable for all abilities.

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