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Multi Condition Pilot

At the beginning of the year, the Chilterns MS Centre begun a pilot programme to open up its services to people with neurological conditions other than multiple sclerosis, making further use of the expertise the Wendover-based charity has built up over the last 36 years.

Initially the pilot focussed on people with Parkinson’s Disease, but more recently the Centre has also opened up its services to Stroke Survivors.

Being diagnosed with a neurological condition can be a daunting experience but the Chilterns MS Centre provides a wide range of treatments and services that help support people on their journey, services that go beyond what the NHS is able to offer. This support is also available to carers.

Physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, oxygen therpay, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy and counselling, not to mention the provision of a supportive community, all help empower people with MS to thrive. 600 people benefit from the services offered by the charity every year.

Those diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease and those who have experienced a stroke can often face the same or similar challenges so the Centre is keen to use its knowledge and expertise to enhance their quality of life too.

If anyone with Parkinson’s Disease or who has had a stroke feels they would benefit from the services offered then they should get in touch with the Chilterns MS Centre by phoning 01296 696133.